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The cleaning lasts at least for 2 hours, depending on the amount of work and the degree of pollution.

After checking all the details of the cleaning, our operator will be able to guide you in the exact cleaning duration.

Regular cleaning involves wiping the surfaces of dust; this cleaning does not imply cleanup of high-level filthiness.

While deep cleaning, chemicals of higher-concentration are used, as the purpose of this type of cleaning is to wash even the dirtiest areas.

The number of cleaners depends on the scope of work and your wishes.

For deep cleaning of the 2-room apartment and washing of windows or balcony, we will send two cleaners to reduce the cleaning time.

It is advisable to order a service two or three days in advance. Our company always tries to leave a couple of available places if you need to clean immediately.

Our company wants to keep the customers happy and smiling!

You may pay cash to a cleaner or you can also pay online by means of the website.


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